A sample of the magazines my work has appeared in - Playboy, FHM, Maxim, American Curves, Petite Alternative, Zoo Weekly (Australia's leading men's magazine), RGM, Hustler and various print on demand online magazines.
Websites include - The Smoking Jacket, Maxim, Sport Illustrated, to name a few.

Client Quotes -

"He and his wife are amazing! Thank you for making me feel beautiful and secure with myself!" - Alisha

"Best talent ever! Use him for everything!!! He's so understanding and great information!" - Valerie
"We certainly did have an awesome time shooting! I'm very happy with the results & can't wait to see you guys again for another shoot :) I appreciate all you do! Thanks again!" - Chelsea
"Thank you! had such a blast, got some awesome stuff - not a bad way to spend a saturday :) cannot wait to do more!!!" - Katie
"I would love to work with you and sally again someday soon! You two are so much fun and a great team! I'm glad I've had the honor of working with you both!!! :)" - Lexus
"Hey! Thanks again for a wonderful shoot. I look forward to working with you again real soon!" - Alexandra
"It was great working with you! Love the pictures :D" - Meghan
"It Was truly a blast and a treat to work with a passionate professional such as yourself. I so Look forward to future sessions, and hope to continue to create works of art with you again in the near future!" - Jessica
"Bob!! I had a great time shooting with you, and it was a pleasure meeting your lovely assistant. Thank you for the awesome time shooting!" - Hikari